About Us

Yoshino Gypsum is a Japanese company that has a history of more than 120 years as a manufacturer of building materials such as gypsum boards. With our technology that has accumulated in the course of a long history, we are able to realize the fastest production speed in the world, and we are confident in the stability of the production of high-quality products. With the technology of developing fireproof and soundproof wall construction methods, we have created a wall system with higher performance and cheaper compared to concrete or ALC. As a leading company in Japanese gypsum building materials, we control approximately 81% of Japan's internal market share, supported by superior research and development (R&D) and persistent day-to-day marketing activities.

We have 21 base locations within Japan, starting with a factory on the outskirts of Tokyo that has the highest standards in the world and has 30 sales base locations covering all areas in Japan, which allows detailed service for customers. We have obtained an international standard for quality assurance, iso 9001 and an international standard for environmental attention, ISO 14001. We supply high-quality products with stability and make proactive efforts in recycling for the benefit of environmental conservation, as well as strive to create environmentally friendly products.