PT Yoshino Indonesia is a branch of manufacturing company which sells gypsum product in Japan named Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd. By Implementing technology, capability, experience in producing gypsum board more than 120 years, PT Yoshino Indonesia is dedicated to maintaining product quality for your safety and comfortable dwelling. Produced using Japan technology with the best quality materials and papers

Our Commitment

PT Yoshino Indonesia is committed to fullfiling customer or stakeholder satisfaction by improving the quality of product and service to the highest standart for country's development.

Why has Yoshino Gypsum become the Indonesian people's choices?


Only 14,5 kg/pcs or 5kg/m2.

Stable and Consistent

Implementing quality management with Japanese standards.

Environtmentally Friendly

Our products have been certified by Green Label.

Mildew Resistant

All of the Yoshino Gypsum Board products contain a mold inhibitor to slow down the mold growth.


We have tested our gypsum board in a high humidity room and also produced the best gypsum board quality that is able to adapt to the Indonesian climate.

Cut Twice

During our production process, our gypsum board is throughout two stages of cutting process.


Breaking News

Tropical weather matters in every house (Indonesia)

Tropical weather matters in every house (Indonesia)

Indonesia is a tropical country that has two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. You need to be aware of the risk of leaks in the ceiling to the emergence of mold in the ceiling area in your residence. There are four (4) ways to solve this problem, as follows:

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IndoBuildTech Expo July 2023

IndoBuildTech Expo July 2023

Many times before, PT Yoshino Indonesia took part in the biggest exhibition of building material, interior and architecture named IndoBuildTech Expo. This exhibition aims at being a reference for the visitors in planning construction, building renovation, and also being a guide for choosing and using building materials. PT Yoshino Indonesia displayed several useful products for the visitors so they can observe Yoshino Gypsum’s products and also recognize its specifications and usage.

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Architectural Product Workshop

Architectural Product Workshop

PT Yoshino Indonesia has actively taken part in several programs and one of them is the Architectural Product Worksop. This program aims at increasing knowledge about Yoshino Gypsum’s products to the competent participants by cooperating with Architectural community and association, Architecture bureaus, private and public companies around the city where the event is held. Furthermore, this workshop is useful for improving knowledge about building material products and technologies.

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Basic Knowledge of Gypsum

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