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Gypsum Board

Yoshino Board Regular

 Standard type of gypsum board, suitable for ceilings, partitions and wall cladding.

Yoshino Moisture Resistance

Gypsum board that contains a water repellent agent and designed to be resistant to high humidity for a certain period of time.

Yoshino Fire Resistance

Gypsum board that has excellent fire resistance, used for fire-resistant wall systems.

Yoshino Board Super Hard

Gypsum board that has strength and hardness on its surface.

Yoshino Hi-Clean Board

Gypsum board that contributes to air quality improvement by absorbing and decomposing the hazardous material from formaldehyde.


Yoshino Compound Cornice 2 in 1

Yoshino Compound 2 in 1 is used to fill gaps between gypsum board (joints) and as an adhesive.

Yoshino Gypsum Lining System

GL Bond is a binder that is applied as an adhesive between gypsum board and conventional walls.


Yoshino Metal System Ceiling 35 & 45

A light steel product that is divided into 2 types of thickness, namely YSMC 35 and YMSC 45.

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