Direct attachment construction method using GL BOND

GL construction method is a method of installation of YOSHINO BOARD by applying GL BOND on concrete block walls, brick walls.

Experience for more than 40 years

The GL construction method has been used in Japan since 1970. This method has now been recognized as the standard method in the field of public works construction in Japan.

Compared to cement plaster on concrete block walls, brick walls, there are 3 advantages.

  • Save labor: By installing gypsum boards, it doesn't take long to get smooth and beautiful wall results.

  • Shorten the working life: The drying duration is short, after the BOND GL is dry, the work can begin immediately.

  • No repair work required: YOSHINO BOARD does not undergo shrinking, so there will be no cracks like those on the cement walls.

Easy method of workmanship

GL BOND is formed into clumps, then applied to the concrete block wall and brick wall, after which it is only necessary to attach yoshino board on it.